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Speciality sausages

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Tuscan Pork Sausages (​Pre-Packed)
$12.89 Tray (approx.) $18.95 per kg
Pork Traditional English Pork Sausages Thin 700g
$13.20 each $18.86 per kg
Pork Saveloys 450gm
$9.20 each $20.44 per kg
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London Pork Sausages (​Pre Packed)
$13.45 Tray (approx.) $18.95 per kg
Kelty Farm Hamburgers.
$37.30 per kg
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Chipolata Breakfast Sausages (​Pre Packed)
$11.57 Tray (approx.) $19.95 per kg
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Bratwurst Sausages (​Pre Packed)
$18.95 per kg
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Beefeater Sausages Tray
$12.89 Tray (approx.) $18.95 per kg
Art of Sausage Lamb Roast Capsicum Sausages
$31.99 per kg
Artisan Sausages Worcestershire & Cracked Pepper 475g
$9.00 each $18.94 per kg
Artisan Sausages Sage & Parsley 475g
$10.40 each $21.89 per kg
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