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Fresh Produce

Sweet Potato
$0.98 each (approx.) $3.90 per kg
Taro Root
$13.90 per kg
Tarragon Bunch
$4.90 each
Tarragon Bunch
$4.90 each
Tasmanian Apple Bags 1.5kg
$3.95 each $2.63 per kg
Thai Basil Bunches Each
$4.90 each
Thyme Bunch
$4.90 each
Thyme Sleeves Hills
$3.90 each
Tomatoes Cherry Truss Punnet 240g
$5.95 each $3.40 per 100g
Tomatoes Field Kg
$5.90 per kg
Tomatoes Truss
$1.85 each (approx.) $10.90 per kg
Tomatoes Vine Ripened
$1.68 each (approx.) $9.90 per kg
$49.90 per kg
Vietnamese Mint Bunch
$4.90 each
Washed Potatoes 2kg
$6.50 each
Washed Potatoes Pink Eye Loose
$0.92 each (approx.) $4.95 per kg
Watermelon Pieces
$7.00 each (approx.) $3.50 per kg
Watermelon Whole Kg
$3.50 per kg
Wild Rocket bag 500g
$24.90 per kg
Wintercole Pears
$0.70 each (approx.) $3.90 per kg
Witlof Twin Pack
$8.99 each
Wombok Cabbage (​Whole)
$5.95 each
Wombok Chinese (​Half)
$3.00 each
Yorktown Organics Range
$5.95 each
was $5.90 per kg $0.70 each (approx.) $3.50 per kg
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