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Schw Tonic Water 300ml 4pk
was $6.90 $4.99 each $4.16 per litre
SunRice Quick Cups Brown Rice 2 Pack
$3.00 each $1.20 per 100g
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The Fresh Guys White Sandwich 680g
$2.69 each $0.40 per 100g
The Good Sparkling Apple Juice 750mL
was $4.25 $3.69 each $4.92 per litre
Devondale Full Cream Milk 1 Litre
$2.65 each $2.65 per litre
Fresh Fodder Greek Style Tzatziki 200GM
$4.50 each $2.25 per 100g
Hartz Mixers Soda Water 1.​25L
$1.25 each $1.00 per litre
Tasmanian Scallops
$49.95 per kg
Cadbury Dairy Milk Peppermint 180gm
was $6.00 $5.55 each $3.08 per 100g
Grana Padano
$35.95 per kg
Indomie Noodles Mi Goreng 5 Pack X
$3.95 each $0.93 per 100g
Sakata Wholegrain Original Rice Crackers 90g
$2.30 each $2.56 per 100g
Vitasoy Soy Milk Calcium Plus UHT 1 Litre
$3.00 each $3.00 per litre
Comm Co Diced Tomatoes 400gm
$1.90 each $4.75 per kg
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Cripps Master Loaf White Sandwich 700g
$3.69 each $0.53 per 100g
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Cripps Master Loaf White Toast 700g
$3.69 each $0.53 per 100g
Vaalia Low Fat Natural Yoghurt 900g
$6.80 each $0.76 per 100g
Arnotts Shapes Chicken Crimpy 185g
was $4.00 $2.99 each $1.71 per 100g
Doritos Original 170gm
$4.80 each $2.82 per 100g
Helgas Bread Traditional White 750g
$4.90 each $0.65 per 100g
Helgas S/​Dough Wholemeal 750gm
$4.90 each $0.65 per 100g
Lavazza Gold Grd Twin Pk 2x250gm
$12.75 each $2.55 per 100g
Mccain Superfries Crinkle Cut 900gm
$5.75 each $6.39 per kg
Schweppes Soda Water 1.​1lt
was $2.85 $2.69 each $2.45 per litre
Juicy Isle Classic Orange Juice No Added Sugar 2L
$5.09 each $2.55 per litre
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Cripps Premium Shortbread 200g
$4.99 each $2.50 per 100g
I-Care Paper Towel 60 Sheet 2pk
$3.85 each $3.21 per 100 units
Nichols Pre Pack Chicken Breast Fillet
$21.95 per kg
Sakata Rice Crackers Sour Cream & Chives 100g
$2.30 each $2.30 per 100g
Ardmona Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g
$2.40 each $6.00 per kg
Earth Choice Wool and Delicates Eucalyptus 1 Litre
$2.60 each $2.60 per litre
Golden Circle Australian Pineapple Pieces in Syrup 450g
$4.40 each $9.78 per kg
Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened UHT 1 Litre
$2.99 each $2.99 per litre
Colgate Toothpaste Total 115gm
$3.99 each $3.47 per 100g
Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate 100g
$4.50 each $4.50 per 100g
San Remo Pasta Thin Spaghetti No4 500g
was $2.95 $2.49 each $0.50 per 100g
Twisties Cheese 270gm
was $4.50 $3.99 each $1.48 per 100g
Ward Mck Baking Powder 125gm
$2.85 each $2.28 per 100g
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William's Bread Tasmanian Rye 800g
$4.70 each $0.59 per 100g
Arnotts Milk Chocolate Royal Biscuits 200g
$4.50 each $2.25 per 100g
Glad Tobegreen 50plant Ktb Lge 25pk
$5.00 each $0.20 each
Lamb Leg Bone In Half Cut (​Pre Packed)
$26.76 Tray (approx.) $14.95 per kg
Leg Ham and Brie Quiche - Small (​Cooked)
$16.00 each
McCain Peas Corn & Carrots 500g
$3.60 each $7.20 per kg
McKenzies Bi Carb Soda 500g
$2.70 each $0.54 per 100g
Obela Hommus 1kg
$8.49 each $0.85 per 100g
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William's Bread Rye & Spelt 800g
$4.70 each $0.59 per 100g
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Angus Yearling Beef Rump Steak (​Pre Packed)
$9.22 Tray (approx.) $27.95 per kg
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