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La Famiglia Garlic Slices 270g
$6.50 each $2.41 per 100g
Laucke Barossa Sour Dough Rye Bread Mix 2.4kg
$10.90 each $4.54 per kg
Liddells Lactose Free Full Cream Milk 1L
$3.60 each $3.60 per litre
Marion Bay Free Range Chicken Wings
$5.95 per kg
MasterFoods Soy Honey & Garlic Marinade 375g
$4.25 each $1.13 per 100g
Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Classic Medium Roast 400g
was $28.00 $26.99 each $6.75 per 100g
My Dog Gourmet Beef 100g
$1.70 each $1.70 per 100g
Nestle Milo Snack Cereal Bar Bars Dipped 6 x 27g
$4.50 each $2.81 per 100g
Nestle XXX Mints 150g
was $5.00 $3.50 each $2.33 per 100g
Optimum Dog Dry Adult All Breed With Chicken, Vegetables & Rice 3kg
was $22.00 $17.99 each $0.60 per 100g
Palmolive Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser, , Japanese Cherry Blossom, Travel Size, Kills 99.​9% Of Germs 48mL
$3.00 each $6.25 per 100ml
Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash Soap, , Japanese Cherry Blossom Pump, No Parabens Phthalates Or Alcohol 250mL
$3.50 each $1.40 per 100ml
Pure Tassie Fruit Drink Blackcurrant 500mL
$3.95 each $7.90 per litre
Redheads Foil Sealed Firelighters 24 Pack
$5.50 each $0.23 each
Remedyorganic Switchel Blood Orange 330mL
$3.75 each $11.36 per litre
Robert Timms Coffee Bags Mocha Kenya 8 Pack
$5.00 each $11.11 per 100g
Schweppes Soda Water Bottle Classic Mixers Glass Multipack Pack 4 x 300mL
was $6.90 $5.49 each $4.58 per litre
Simply Wize Gf Lavosh Seeds 168g
$6.50 each $3.87 per 100g
Snowdonia Cheese Co. Red Storm Vintage Leicester (​Cut Pieces)
$71.95 per kg
Sprite 1.25L
was $3.50 $3.39 each $2.71 per litre
The Cashew Creamery Multipack Ice Cream Coffee 4 Pack
$5.95 each $2.98 per 100g
The Cashew Creamery Multipack Ice Cream Mint 4 Pack
$5.95 each $2.98 per 100g
The Good Blackcurrant Sparkling Drink 330mL
$3.95 each $11.97 per litre
U By Kotex Tampons Super 16 Pack
$5.00 each $0.31 each
V.​I.​P. Petfoods Chunkers Meatballs Chicken With Scrambled Eggs And Parsley Chilled Dog Food 1kg
$6.00 each $0.60 per 100g
Vaalia Kids Probiotic Yoghurt Lactose Free Strawberry Pouch 140g
$2.70 each $1.93 per 100g
Valhalla Ice Cream Tub Boysenberry 1L
was $10.50 $8.99 each $8.99 per litre
Valhalla Ice Cream Tub Old English Toffee 1L
was $10.50 $8.99 each $8.99 per litre
Wet Ones Be Gentle Wipes 15 Pack
$2.00 each $13.33 per 100 units
(​Lenah Game Meats) Meat for Pets 100% Fresh Meat 1kg
$7.65 each $7.65 per kg
Arnott's Farmbake Cookies Chocolate Chip Fudge 310g
$4.00 each $1.29 per 100g
Aurelio Caramalised Balsamic Vinegar 250mL
$6.95 each $2.78 per 100ml
Babylove Cosifit Size 6, 15 Pack 15pk
was $10.99 $10.69 each $0.71 each
Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate Block 180g
was $6.00 $5.35 each $2.97 per 100g
Chris Greek Dip Three Olive 200g
$3.80 each $1.90 per 100g
Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic 250mL
$8.49 each $3.40 per 100ml
Coca-Cola Light/​Diet Coke Diet Coca-Cola Soft Drink Multipack Cans 10 x 375mL
$17.90 each $4.77 per litre
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening Toothpaste, , Clinically Proven Sensitive Teeth Pain Relief 110g
$9.00 each $8.18 per 100g
Community Co Brown Rice Microwavable Rice 250g
$2.80 each $1.12 per 100g
Community Co Jam Strawberry 500g
$3.50 each $0.70 per 100g
Community Co Oil Vegetable 750mL
$4.99 each $0.67 per 100ml
Continental Cup A Soup Spring Vegetable 4 Pack
$3.00 each $5.00 per 100g
Cornwells Malt Vinegar 750mL
$3.50 each $0.47 per 100ml
Cripps Master Lower Carb White Sandwich
$3.69 each $0.54 per 100g
Crisco Canola Oil 2L
$10.00 each $0.50 per 100ml
Dare Iced Coffee Triple Espresso 500mL
$3.95 each $7.90 per litre
Doritos Salsa Hot 300g
$3.29 each $1.10 per 100g
Duracell Coppertop Aa Alkaline Batteries 16 Pack 16pk
$23.00 each $1.44 each
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