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Princi Calabrese Salami
was $55.00 $39.95 per kg
Lighthouse Quince Fruit Paste 60g
was $5.50 $4.95 each $8.25 per 100g
Lighthouse Pear & Pistachio Paste 60g
was $5.50 $4.95 each $8.25 per 100g
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Wursthaus Soup Italian Minestrone 850g
$13.90 each $1.64 per 10g
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Wursthaus Soup Beef & Vegetable 850g
$13.90 each $1.64 per 100g
Wursthaus Pumpkin Cnut Soup 500g
$7.99 each $1.60 per 100g
Wursthaus Pumpkin C/​Nut & Coriander 850g
$13.90 each
Wursthaus Dry Chorizo
$25.99 per kg
Wursthaus Curry B Rendang 850g
$19.90 each
Wild Caught Skinless & Boneless Flathead Fillets
$59.95 per kg
Wild Caught Morwong / King Terakihi Fillets
$44.95 per kg
Wild Caught Gummy Shark Fillets
$38.95 per kg
Whole Baby Snapper
$38.95 per kg
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W/​Haus Pork/​Veal Meatballs 850g
$15.00 each $1.76 per 100g
Virginian Ham
$17.95 per kg
Villani Proscuitto San Daniele 20 Mth Kg
$94.95 per kg
Villani Prosciutto Di Parma 16 Mth Kg
$79.95 per kg
Twiggy Sticks
$40.95 per kg
Tuna Yellow Fin Kg
$52.95 per kg
Tuna Patties
$4.50 each
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Traditonal Beef Sausages
$15.95 per kg
Tmg Mace Golden Peppers Hot 450g
$5.09 each $11.31 per kg
The market grocer Sig Gldn Peppers Mild 500g
$5.09 each $11.31 per kg
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Tasmanian Wursthaus Leg Ham
$29.95 per kg
Tasmanian Scallops 500g
$24.95 each $49.90 per kg
Tasmanian Ham Sliced/​Shaved
$34.50 per kg
Tas Oysters Doz.
$21.95 each $1.83 each
Sushi Rolls
$3.75 each
Sush Raw Salmon Sashimi Pack 130g
$20.75 each $15.96 per 100g
Sush Raw Salmon Nigiri Pack 210g
$20.75 each $9.88 per 100g
Sush Aburi Salmon Nigiri Pack 210g
$20.80 each $9.90 per 100g
Squid Tubes Kg (​Thawed)
$23.50 per kg
Snapper Pink Baby Whole
$28.99 per kg
Smoked Salmon Dill And Caper Patties by Hill Street Kitchen
$4.50 each
Sliced Roast Beef
$35.95 per kg
Skull Island Jumbo Green Prawns (​Thawed)
$59.95 per kg
Siciliano Salami
$55.00 per kg
Sicilian Olives
$34.95 per kg
Sicilian Green Smoked Olives
$50.00 per kg
Shredded BBQ Chicken
$20.99 per kg
Shortcut Bacon
$19.95 per kg
Semi-Sundried Tomatoes
$22.95 per kg
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Sausage Roll Beef/​Cheese
$5.50 each
Sandhurst Sun Dried Tomatoes 125g
$5.19 each $4.15 per 100g
Sandhurst Sandwich Gherkin Stacker 500g
$5.99 each $1.20 per 100g
Sandhurst Pitted Black Olives Jar 350g
$4.50 each $1.29 per 100g
Sandhurst Crystal Sea Salt 250g
$8.50 each $3.40 per 100g
Sandhurst Char Grilled Eggplant Jar 270g
$6.50 each $2.41 per 100g
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