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N/Gift Deli Dog Roll Lamb Veg 200gm

$1.50 each $0.75 per 100g


"Prepare your puppy for their daily adventures with a nutritious meal. Nature's Gift Lamb with Carrots and Peas Roll Puppy Food is a satisfying mix of fresh meat and veggies, making it the perfect meal for growing dogs. Made using only natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, this is a meal for your pup that is free from nasties. This dog roll contains no added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and helps support your pet's growth and development. Aside from everyday feeding, this offers a great way to introduce your puppy to a variety of meals by mixing it with Nature's Gift's selection of dry food. Made in QLD Australia, it makes the ultimate natural choice for your pet."


Fresh Chicken, Lamb & Salmon, Vegetables (Carrots & Peas), Pork Trim, Wheat Bran, Natural Flavours, Natural Gels, Canola Oil (a source of Omega 3), Essential Vitamins & Minerals, DHA Gold (Omega 3 supplement) Inulin, Natural colour, Antioxidant, Garlic oil

Storage Instructions

Store below 4°C. Once opened, ensure your pet consumes contents within 5 days.

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