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Australia's Own Australians Own Almond Milk Organic Almond 1L

$2.99 each $2.99 per litre


The quality of our organic plant-based drink reflects our commitment to bringing Australians the best. 

We source ingredients from farmers who share our passion and adhere to our strict Australia's Own organic quality standards. Australia is our priority and we always source locally first, although when needed we look to trusted farmers from around the globe. 

Our focus on quality and taste is evident from our sourcing of ingredients through to ensuring no GM processing. We pride ourselves on keeping the final product as delicious as possible - full of the good stuff with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

This belief that simple and pure is the best means we only add what is necessary to make great tasting drinks. 

As with all things natural, sometimes sedimentation may occur so shake the pack to bring all the goodness together before pouring. If enjoying it hot, separation may occur so just give it a stir. 

"Shake before each use"

Thank you for supporting Australia's Own.