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Semi Hard Cheese

$48.95 per kg
Heidi Gruyere
Specialty Cheese
$71.95 per kg
Smoked Dutch Cheese
$24.99 per kg
Gouda Spiced
$39.75 per kg
Heidi Raclette
Specialty Cheese
$71.69 per kg
Monterey Jack Plain
$42.99 per kg
Gouda Plain
$31.50 per kg
Heidi Tilsit
Specialty Cheese
$66.95 per kg
$92.95 per kg
La Couronne Comte (​Selected by Will Studd)
$78.95 per kg
$38.99 per kg
$37.95 per kg
Emmenthal de Savoie
$73.89 per kg
Cc Wensleydale Wedge 200g
$9.99 each $5.00 per 100g
Mimolette Vielle
Specialty Cheese
$93.95 per kg
Beemster Royaal Grand Cru Kg
$59.00 per kg
Grandvewe Primavera 150g
$14.99 each $9.99 per 100g
Beemster X.​O Kg
$79.90 per kg
Cc Cheshire 200g
$9.99 each $5.00 per 100g
Grandvewe Drunken Admiral 150g
$14.99 each $9.99 per 100g
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