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Gourmet Snacks

Aurelio Meditteranean Olives 300g
$8.95 each $2.98 per 100g
Pickled Octopus
$56.95 per kg
Sushi Rolls
$3.75 each
Fresh Pasta - Spaghetti
$18.00 per kg
Hill Street Family Lasagne Veg
$26.50 each
Heat and Eat Dish (​X-Large) - Hill Street Kitchen
$20.95 each
Matis Halva Choc Log
$24.95 per kg
G&​G Sushi Snack Pack Mixed
$10.95 each
Wursthaus Pumpkin Cnut Soup 500g
was $7.99 $7.50 each $1.50 per 100g
G&​G Sushi Assorted Pack
$16.50 each
Hot Roast Pork Loin
$22.00 each
Katsu Chicken Maki Pack
$14.25 each
Mt Zero Rmary Native Pepper Olives 80g
$5.45 each $0.68 per 10g
Raw Salmon Maki Pack
$14.25 each
Sandhurst Bread And Butter Cucumber 520g
$3.90 each $0.75 per 100g
G&​G Sushi Pack Vegetarian
$10.95 each
Honeycomb Honey Kg
$55.00 per kg
Italian Minestrone 500mL
$7.99 each $1.60 per 100ml
Lighthouse Quince Fruit Paste 60g
$5.50 each $9.17 per 100g
Mt Zero Lemon & Thyme Olives 80g
$5.45 each $0.68 per 10g
My Muscle Chef Spinach Ricotta Ravioli In Pumpkin Sauce 385g
$11.95 each $3.51 per 100g
Rolada Roll Date Pistachio Walnut 150g
$10.25 each
Sandhurst Sun Dried Tomatoes 125g
$5.19 each $4.15 per 100g
Wursthaus Pea And Ham Soup 500g
$7.99 each $1.60 per 100g
Chef Choice Grn Peppercorns In Vin 110g
$4.75 each $4.32 per 100g
Hsk Chicken Noodle Soup 500mL
$7.99 per kg
Mmc Mac & Cheese Beef Rashers 360g
$11.95 each $3.32 per 100g
Moroccan Beef & Vegetable Soup 500mL
$7.99 per kg
Perigord Truffles (​Per Gram)
$1.95 each
Rustichella Rigatoncini 1kg
$18.95 each $1.90 per 100g
Sush Aburi Salmon Nigiri Pack 210g
$20.80 each $9.90 per 100g
Sush Raw Salmon Nigiri Pack 210g
$20.75 each $9.88 per 100g
Sush Raw Salmon Sashimi Pack 130g
$20.75 each $15.96 per 100g
Tmg Mace Golden Peppers Hot 450g
$5.09 each $11.31 per kg
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